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Breakestra - The Live Mix Part 2, CD

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The Live Mix Part 2 (recorded & produced by This Kid Named Miles, in Topanga Canyon, CA) is approximately 40 minutes, 1 CD, or 2 LP's. All live, contnuously mixed, soul and funk. If you haven't seen them play live, then your investment in this album is a wise one.

01. Intro (Jagger The Dagger, Summer In The City, Bubble Gum, Crosswind, Just Kissed My Baby, Getting Nasty, Space, It's The JB's Monaurail, T.L.C.)
02. Funky Drummer
03. Crumbs On The Table
04. Sister Sanctified
05. Hook & Sling
06. Sing A Simple Song
07. Sexy Popcorn Pot
08. That's All That Matters Baby/You 09. Can Make It If You Try
10. Baby Don't You Cry
11. This Ain't Livin
12. Unwind Yourself/Cramp Your Style
13. The Champ
14. Hot Pants...I'm Comin
15. Remember Who You Are
16. Humpty-Dump
17. Burning Spear
18. Soul Power
19. Getcho Soul Togetha

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