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Boycott Blues - Irony, CD

Boycott Blues - Irony, CD

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CHKABLOAWWW! BoyCott Blues debut full length is anything but timid or tame as he flexes ghetto philosophies and street tales that are more alarming and cautionary than typical cookie cutter street boasts. BoyCott explains his approach toward the music stating, "There is a negative vibe that we all are fighting. We can t have a Boycott with one person. We need the people to move in one direction. This is my approach towards the music, for the People by the People." Irony is executive produced by Insight. The lead single CHKABLOAWWW, commands the attention of the listener; a certified classic that illustrates BoyCott s distinct delivery, reminiscent of some of the most skilled MCs from his beloved golden era. He illustrates his ability to showcase his wittiness in a lyrical daily renewal process with Da Math featuring Consequence of A Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West fame. With tracks like A Will & A Way and the title track Irony that encourages the Shooting Of The Gun Makers Blues gives us examples of his ability to be in tune with the everyday affairs of the struggle. Irony is a joint venture between Brick Records, fellow beantown label s Sun Moon (Edan, Electric, Project Move) and Blue s own On Thin Ice imprint. Cott describes his debut as, A concept album portraying a conversation with everybody in the mix. My focus is targeting old and young, with more answers than questions addressing the state of affairs worldwide. The future for BoyCott Blues is infinite. An artist who is driven to craft good music that builds an inner voice and connects with the listeners, BoyCott concludes that, "Hip hop has many meanings, many feelings, many colors, and many shades of day living where things change drastically. Blues is a different feeling when you wake up every morning. Blue is a cool color and BoyCott is symbolic to holding on tight, it signifies a collective energy."

Track Listing:

1. CHKABLOAWW (Produced By: K.T.)   
2. Back Stroke (Produced By: Shant Koutoujian)   
3. Bad Girl (Interlude)
4. I Like That (Produced By: Insight)   
5. No (Produced By: Biz20)   
6. Talk To Me (Produced By: Insight)   
7. Son, Sun (Produced By: Insight)   
8. Supaflythrudacityman (Produced By: Tru Knowledge)   
9. A Will & A Way (Produced By: Insight)   
10. 848 (Produced By: Insight)   
11. Irony (Produced By: Biz20)   
12. Don't Hear Gon' Feel (Produced By: Insight)   
13. Blues' Brothers (Produced By: Cinematic)   
14. Da Math feat. Consequence, Insight (Produced By: Insight)   
15. Got Beef? (Food Coma) (Produced By: Insight)
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