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Bored Stiff - Explainin' (20th Anniversary), 2xLP

$ 27.95 USD

Bored Stiff Explainin' (20th Anniversary) 2xLP

Limited edition 20th anniversary double vinyl release. Only 300 copies pressed.  Includes original songs, the instrumental record, and bonus beats!

Track Listing:

1 Intro
2 Explainin'
3 Change Of Mind
4 Peaceful Rotation
5 Origins
6 Down The Line
7 Thoughts On Music
8 Bridge
9 Survivin'
10 Heartbeat
11 Tell It Like It Is (feat. Schwinn)
12 We Up
13 Intro (instrumental)
14 Explainin' (instrumental)
15 Change Of Mind (instrumental)
16 Peaceful Rotation (instrumental)
17 Down The Line (instrumental)
18 Move To The Left (instrumental)
19 Cool With 'Em All (instrumental)
20 Therapy Pt. 2 (instrumental)
21 Thoughts On Music (instrumental)
22 Bridge (instrumental)
23 Survivin' (instrumental)
24 Heartbeat (instrumental)
25 Tell It Like It Is (instrumental)
26 We Up (instrumental)

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