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Blood Of Abraham- Eyedollartree, CD + DVD

Blood Of Abraham- Eyedollartree, CD + DVD

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Eyedollartree, the group's debut album on Basement Records, stands as a distinctive release whose merit will only increase with time. The Los Angeles-based pair of Benyad and Mazik fuse political edge, masterful wordplay and irresistible beats into their work. Countering the materialistic direction much of the world has taken, the majority of the songs on Eyedollartree address the type of worship that ends up destroying people. Produced by Will.I.Am, Blood of Abraham, Cyrus Melchor, and Motiv8, Eyedollartree is replete with lush guitars, exotic keyboards and other-worldly sound effects. The 13-cut collection marks a definitive moment for hip-hop, standing as a testament to the idea that credible, enjoyable, groundbreaking hip-hop music can be created with an eclectic musical vision. Featuring Will.I.Am, Kool Keith, & Divine Styler.

Track Listing:

01 Know the Half
02 Only The Wise
03 99cent Lighter feat.
04 Paranoia is Awareness
05 Velvet Glove Iron Fist
06 -tion
07 Calling All Citizens feat.
08 Hurricane
09 Rosetta Stone
10 Giant Midgets
11 Eyedollartree
12 (Dangerous) Diseases
13 Omegaton feat. Divine Styler & Kool Keith
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