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Bleez - Hold This For Me, CD

Bleez - Hold This For Me, CD

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From neck-breaking bangers to smokey-room soundtracks, "Hold this for me" proves this producer's talent and versatility. The album, the first full-length from Bleez, showcases polished lyricists from Oakland to LA, from Santa Cruz to Saint Croix, with a perfect balance between new faces and established personalities.

1. Welcome
2. 3 Round K.O. f/ Sokrates the Virgo & Theory
3. Hold This For Me f/ Theory & Bumbalo
4. Status the Baddest f/ Status
5. Journey f/ Relic & Young Precise
6. Alchemy
7. Return of Elementactics f/ Binghi Ghost, Relic &
Young Precise
8. Brave Little Toaster*
9. A.M. f/ Audible Monsters
10. The Bay Song** f/ Bumbalo & Status
11. Nobody Move f/ Bumbalo
12. Untitled* f/Sokrates the Virgo
13. One Once Outro

All Tracks Procuded by Bleez except where noted:
* Produced by Bleez & Barefoot
** Produced by Barefoot
All cuts by DJ Illborn
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