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Blackalicious - The Craft, 2XLP Vinyl

Blackalicious - The Craft, 2XLP Vinyl

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With their third full-length release, Blackalicious (released on ANTI)has produced a record of such sonic depth and lyrical ambition that it can proudl stand alongside the work of Bay Area funk fathers Sly Stone and Shuggie Otis, or hip-hop classics like Outkast's Aquemini or The Roots' Things Fall Apart. But "The Craft" is not nostalgic for some "golden era" that never existed; it surges past 2002's breakthrough "Blazing Arrow" into worlds Blackalicious' adoring fans have been waiting for them to explore. Lyricist Gab moves beyond the introspection of earlier albums, going deep on "Black Diamonds and Pearls" as a pregnant teen conquers her fears, while on the epic "The Fall and Rise of Elliot Brown", a lost, incarcerated boy transforms into a leader of his community. Guest appearance by George Clinton, Floetry, Lateef the Truth Speaker, and Pigeon John.

***Ships 09/23/05***

Track Listing:

01 World of Vibrations
02 Supreme People
03 Rhythm Sticks

04 Powers
05 Your Move
06 Lotus Power
07 My Pen & Pad

08 Side to Side
09 Automatique
10 The Fall & Rise of Elliot Brown
11 Black Diamonds & Pearls

12 Give it to You
13 Ego Sonic War Drums
14 The Craft
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