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Black Spade - To Serve With Love (w/ FREE Un-released EP), CD

Black Spade - To Serve With Love (w/ FREE Un-released EP), CD

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Armed with little more than his father's extensive record collection of jazz, soul, psychedelic rock, folk, comedy and a Kurzweil 2000 keyboard - Black Spade's music is a melting pot of sounds hailing from St. Louis by way of New York, Detroit, LA, and everywhere that hip-hop has carved a distinctive and influential sound for itself. Writing and producing all his music along with MC'ng, Spade's one man team approach is full of burbling synths, and off-kilter drums while his voice slides smoothly over choruses coated in multi-tracked vocals and skipping roughshod drums. Attributing his distinctive sound to his home of St. Louis, Black Spade explains "We get a piece of everything by being in the middle." However, he feels o harmonious connection to where St. Louis pop acts like Nelly, Chingy, etc. have taken hip-hop lately. Spade's style is not like the norm. This undercurrent shows through all his music and can be heard in songs like "Evil Love," where the keyboard hits less than a second after you expect it to. It's subtle, but these little things are what make Black Spade's music so compelling. At his core, Black Spade is a producer who makes music because he loves to. His sounds are grounded in the past while still sounding futuristic, and most importantly come from the heart. Spade says, "To get my music out there to peopleat the end of the day that's what really counts."

Track Listing:

1. To Serve With Love (Intro)
2. To Serve With Love
3. Her Perfume She Wore
4. Love's Right Here
5. Shes The One
6. Evil Love
7. Lavish Love
8. Actioneer
9. The Ship Has Sailed
10. Good Crazy
11. Revolutionary Bullshit
12. The Half Thats Never Been Told
13. Tale Of 32
14. Not For The Bullshit
15. Enjoy The Experience
16. True Friends
17. The Genius In You
18. Where I'm Coming From
19. Bonus Disc: Unreleased Black Spade CD EP featuring the world premiere of Waajeed's remix of Black Spade's first single "Actioneer"
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