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Bisc 1 - When Electric Nights Fall CD

Bisc 1 - When Electric Nights Fall CD

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You can hear things differently from the left side of the train tracks at 4 a.m. on a morning in Queens, New York. Your thoughts mix with the sounds of a city waking up, systems recharging, bread trucks and milk trucks and garbage trucks, tai chi in the china town projects; everything seems clearer at the break of day. Bisc1 finds that sound, the sound of your mind negotiating with the dawn. Digging below the surface, capturing concepts is what Bisc1 does best; explaining why he has become the go-to graphic artist for packaging those concepts, working with such artists as Aesop Rock, The Perceptionists, Vast Aire and Mighty Mi, Murs, RJD2, Mathematics (Wu-Tang), El-P, and more. He has once again designed his own album cover, masterfully mixing wild style handwork with his digital perceptions. As inspired by live performance as he is by studio work, he has rocked stages from "Bushwick to Bangkok" with the likes of: KRS-One, Jeru the Damaja, Black Sheep, The Beatnuts, Souls of Mischief, the whole Embedded crew and more. When Electric Night Falls was created in the evening, developed with the electricity that breaks our perception of time and allows us to survive off more than just the sun's energy. Hip-hop is an electric culture. Without electricity there would be no turntables. No turntables, no DJ. No third rail, no subways, which means the train culture of graffiti would not exist. We plug our mic in and channel our voices through electrical wires. In the city it's an electric night that falls. The day begins as the day ends, looking toward the evening ahead, it follows the mind through a night of creation, compassion, comparison and congestion, only to wake up from a world of chaos. In the end, the thought of leaving is explored, but like every other day the cycle continues and other options are developed. For Bisc this is music; it is art; it is creative expression to release the energy, the electricity built up in him that must be discharged.

Track Listing:

1. Night Fall
2. Turbulence
3. Parallels
4. Pandemonium
5. Paranoid feat. Esen & Grimace
6. Sidelines
7. Fire N' Ice feat. Mariella
8. Unconditional
9. Strange Love feat. MeresTD4
10. Another Day
11. Inner-Mood -
12. Great Escape
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