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Bisc 1 - The Basics EP, CD

Bisc 1 - The Basics EP, CD

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Embedded Music is proud to announce the debut EP from the NYC based rap phenom Bisc 1.

At the core of The Basics EP is a solidly produced canvas provided by Embeddeds Dj Ese, instrumentalist Drake, Boston based DMFields and Esen. The framework is an edifice of words holding sway over the listeners ear as concepts are explored and imagery is painted upon the walls of imagination and concrete.

Brick by brick, bar by bar, constructed with lucid and concise poetry, critically deconstructing the world perceived in multiple dimensions and mediums. Far from the ordinary and painfully over thought, Biscs visceral explanations of the joy performing in front of an audience, honing talent at battles and open mics, investing in the future via constant travel on the network of iron rails beneath New York City.

This is The Basics Ep, nothing more nothing less.

01. The Basics
02. Crumbs
03. 2nd Hands
04. Pieces
05. Lights Out
06. Decompression
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