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Bigg Jus - Black Mamba Serums, CD

Bigg Jus - Black Mamba Serums, CD

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Bigg Jus Black Mamba Serums CD

Words like legendary and classic are all too easily bandied around in these days of hype-r inflation, but in this case of Justin Ingleton (aka Bigg Jus) and the Black Mamba sessions theyre probably justified.

Bigg Jus was a central member of the late 90s underground hip hop leaders Company Flow, a band that almost singlehandedly torched the pretensions of the likes of Puff Daddy, launched Rawkus and, for a brief moment, promised the dawning of a genuine new era of creativity in hip hop. After the groups dissolution he went on to help set up the highly rated but short-lived Sub Verse Records and moved to Atlanta to establish their southern outpost.

Here he recorded the first tracks of the Black Mamba Serums sessions working on the principle that only by spitting poison into the wounds of an already poisoned hip hop could he hope to save it. The tracks that he originally recorded concerned themselves with the culture which he felt had rescued him (check the lyrics to Dedication To Peo for the complete analysis). But after he pulled the release of the album a week before September 11th, his worldview became increasingly radicalised and the sessions became something like a serum to the hypocrisy and lies being perpetuated by Bush and his cronies.

The first notice that the world had of Juss new position came on his album with Orko Elohiem as Nephlim Modulation Systems (NMS) Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child. A dense, difficult and splenetically angry record, a year on much of what he said now seems frighteningly prescient. Shortly after completing this record he put the finishing touches to the Black Mamba Serums sessions.

Much more varied in mood than Woe, much more reflective, the final record is an achievement for its sustained intelligence in an era when very few MCs are trying to say anything let alone comment on everything Black Mamba Serums v2.0 is presented here in two forms. First, in a massively re-worked version which grew out of the Atlanta sessions last year that also resulted in the two NMS albums Jus recorded with Orko Elohiem. Second, in mp3 form, the whole record as it was originally intended to be released in 2001. There are similarites and divergences between the two records, but both show that Big Jus remains one of the true innovators in a hip hop game which is only too happy to pay lip service to the concept while ignoring what it means

01 NYC Color Designer
02 Kingspitter
03 Plantation Rhymes (Southern Hospitality Mix)
04 The Fr8s
05 Silver Back Mountain King
06 I Triceratops
07 The Story Entangles (The Under Flippage)
08 You Must Be Sniffin
09 Moss Pink Coats '99
10 No Dessert Till You Finish Your Vegetables (Marq Spekt)
11 Dedication To Peo '97
12 Suburbian Nightmare Texas Size New World Order
13 Say Goodbye It Luvs Me (Bonus MP3)
14 Heavenly Rivers (Bonus MP3)
15 Plantation Rhymes Runaway Version (Bonus MP3)
16 TOngue Sandwich (Bonus MP3)
17 Dedication (Bonus MP3)
18 Pray/The Elements (Bonus MP3)
19 Athena (Bonus MP3)
20 The FR8S (Bonus MP3)
21 Dedication 2 Peo 9 (Bonus MP3)
22 Triceratops (Bonus MP3)
23 Gafflin Whips (Bonus MP3)
24 Stop The Gang Killing Interlude (Bonus MP3)
25 The Story Entangles Original (Bonus MP3)
26 Pipeline Transportation Of The Mind (Bonus MP3)
27 No Dessert Till You Finish Your Vegetables (Bonus MP3)
28 Plantation Rhymes Southern Hospitality Mix (Bonus MP3)
29 Black Mamba Outro (Bonus MP3)
30 Moss Pink Coats (Bonus MP3)
31 Dub Plate Peo (Bonus MP3)
32 Dub Plate Pipeline (Bonus MP3)
33 Dub Plate Story Entangles (Bonus MP3)
34 Dub Plate Gafflin Whips (Bonus MP3)
35 Hector 205 (Bonus MP3)
36 Lockjaw (Bonus MP3)

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