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Beyond Illustration Hardcover

Beyond Illustration Hardcover

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Beyond Illustration: The Finest in Contemporary International Art & Illustration

An innovative new title that covers the emergence of an exciting new genre of illustration and art, this book presents a significant selection of work by over 20 of the world's hottest illustrators and artists. For many postmodern artists there is a very fine line between illustration and art, and that line occasionally disappears. As is demonstrated by many of the works published here the traditional border drawn between art as an autonomous project and illustration as a service product is becoming less and less clear. More and more illustrators are creating art for art's sake and in both the US and Europe their works are being shown in leading galleries and at art exhibitions. Artists featured include Lucas Aguirre, Joshua Hagler, Eric Joyner, Kenichi Hoshine, Clifford Urban, Andrew Hem, Yvonne Winkler and more.


200 Pages

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