Bball Junkies/Bobbito Garcia/Su Alala - Park Pick Up Player Tee, Grey

$ 25.00

Bobbito Garcia y Su Alala - Park Pick-Up Player Limited Edition Tee in heather grey.

Hand-screened by Bball Junkies

ÁLALA Records is Bobbito Garcia’s current vinyl-only label, and third imprint in his 20 years of releasing forward thinking music on wax. His newest release“Park Pick-Up Player” features “Kool Bob Love” himself doing a spoken word piece inspired by DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK, the basketball documentary he co-directed. Accomplished producer Mark de Clive-Lowe’s remix gave the tune a Latin Jazz uptempo flavor. Listen to the track below and purchase "Park Pick-UP Player" on iTunes now!! 

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