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Stones Throw

Baron Zen - At The Mall: Remixes 2xCD

Baron Zen - At The Mall: Remixes 2xCD

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New remixes by Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc, Arabian Prince, Romes, James Pants, and more! Peanut Butter Wolf, before making his name as a DJ and Producer and before founding Stones Throw Records, was programming drums for a one-man punk rock/disco army known as Baron Zen. Known, that is, to almost no one, because Baron Zen did not play shows, did not release records, rejected all forms of publicity, and above all, rejected the bounderies separating hip hop, disco, punk rock, and pop.


Sweet Steve is the man behind Baron Zen. His recording career as Baron Zen lasted from 1988 to 1992, the best of which is collected on this album his first and only. He was ahead of his time in the 80s, but the times have been threatening to catch up with him. Baron Zen today sounds like the missing link between PIL and DFA ... or sububan punk rock garage bands of the 80s and the DJ culture of today ... or The Dead Milkmen if they had been hip hop b-boys.


Baron Zen is DIY music that wears its pop influence on its sleeve: covers of Joy Division, Gap Band, Katrina and the Waves, and high-energy disco classic When I Hear Music by Debbie Deb play along side Sweet Steves originals, many of which are odes to Steves frustration of being a hip hop & disco DJ stuck in suburbia.

Track Listing:

1. Disc 1:
2. Baron Zen Theme (Danny Breaks Remix)
3. Gotta Get Ridda Rick (James Pants Remix)
4. Night In Jail (M80 Remix)
5. When I Hear Music (J.Rocc Remix)
6. At The Mall (PBW Remix)
7. Money (Arabian Prince Remix)
8. Shoes (Madlib Remix)
9. Burn Rubber (Dam Funk Remix)
10. Fuckin Bored (Romes Remix)
11. Electronic (Tekblazer Remix)
12. Walking On Sunshine (Jonny Manak Remix)
13. Turned Around (PBW Remix)
14. No More (Dub Selector & Tek Blazer Remix)
15. Walked In Line (Blu Jemz Remix)
16. Walked In Line (M 80 Remix)
17. Disc 2:
18. Baron Zen Theme
19. No More
20. Walked In A Line (Joy Division Cover)
21. Fuckin' Bored
22. Shoes
23. Turn Around
24. Night In Jail
25. Last Night
26. When I Hear Music (Debbie Deb Cover)
27. Gotta Get Rid Of Rick
28. At The Mall
29. Money
30. Walking On Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves Cover)
31. Burn Rubber (Gap Band Cover)


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