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Azeem & DJ Child - Rise Up Mixtape, CD

Azeem & DJ Child - Rise Up Mixtape, CD

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Hip hop favorite AZEEM (best known for his work with SPEARHEAD and DJ ZEPH) hooks up with master stylist DJ CHILD for a hot mix of hip hop, reggae and dancehall grooves. Thirty-three tracks, including the cut Deny, a never-before-heard production by ANAS CANNON.

Track Listing:
01 Lady Passion Intro
02 Rise Up
03 Rise Up remix
04 Malcolm X: Enemies
05 Tiye Selah Interlude
06 Tye Selah: Da Corner
07 Pressure & Ras Bumpa: Fyah Blaze Intl
08 Mikey Dread Interlude
09 Wake Up feat. Joyo & Tony Moses
10 Wake Up Remix
11 Dangerous cuts by DJ Zeph
12 PGM: Big Gund Intl.
13 One Moor Time Remix
14 PGM: Heroin Music
15 Let's Go
16 Ijah Menelik: Soundation
17 Come One Come All Intro
18 Come One Come All Remix
19 Come One Come All
20 Angela Davis Interlude
21 Word Sound Remix
22 Deny (unreleased)
23 Nyalas: Boom Intl
24 PGM: Screw DAt
25 Freedome feat. Tye Selah
26 Malcolm X: P.C.
27 Bob Marley: Baldhead
28 Sana Azeem: Crazy DJs
29 Weepin' & Wailin
30 PGM: Hit Dis
31 Rankin Scroo: Da Streets
33 Rebel Music
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