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Azeem - Craft Classic, CD

Azeem - Craft Classic, CD

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A reissue of the 2001 Craft Classic album from critically acclaimed Bay Area emcee AZEEM. Originally released in an edition of 3,000 copies (which quickly sold out), the album includes the awesome CMJ # 1 hit, Rubber Glue featuring DJ ZEPH, as well as guest spots from M. SAYYID & PRIEST (ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM), EYE-Q, and HOLOCAUST. Produced by Zeph, DJ DESIGN, PROTEST, FANATIK, ARCHITECT, RICOCHET, and DJ SPIN.

Track Listing:
01 Simple Ting
02 No Lexus
03 Imma RMX
04 Duragz
05 Thunderground
06 Organic Food Revolutionaries
07 Bush is a Gangsta
08 Anti-Azeem feat. M. Sayyid & Priest of Anti Pop Consortium
09 Local Registration Paper feat. Eye-Q of Hobo Junction & Holocost of Exec. Lounge
10 Palm Wine Two
11 Northen Lights
12 Goop
13 Rubber Glue
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