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Andrew Schoultz - Ulysses: Departures, Journeys, & Returns, Hardcover

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Featuring 180 pages of Paintings, Drawings, Murals, Photos, and Sketchbook Material, Ulysses: Departures, Journeys, & Returns: The Artwork of Andrew Schoultz is the first monograph for Andrew Schoultz. Through the use of a rotating cast of symbols that include warhorses, slave ships,swarms of birds, Masonic pyramids, stunned elephants, stripped forests and more, Schoultz renders scenes that are both socially aware and critical. Themes such as class inequality, blind consumerism, militarism, and ecological waste are presented to the viewer to digest. Schoultz's work is both a mirror and beacon, telling narratives of our world. To further add context to the images, we have included 4 essays, written by Aaron Noble, Caleb Neelon (Sonik), Kevin Chen, and Travis Jensen.