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Akomplice - Human Consumption Men's Tee, Seafoam

Akomplice - Human Consumption Men's Tee, Seafoam

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Akomplice Human Consumption Men's Tee in Seafoam.

Features custom screen print of a blue whale with a statement of conservation and sustainability.

Text says, "All living things need and consume energy to survive.  According to theoretical physicist Geoffrey West, if you're a hunter gatherer living in the Amazon, you'll need about 256 watts of energy to survive, which is mostly used to run about and find food.  If you're living in a first world country you're likely to  use around 11,000 watts when you add up all the calories and the energy needed for computers, air conditioners, etc.  It is clear that we have created a lifestyle that is unsustainable.  We require more watts than a blue whale, the biggest animal that has ever existed.  Our planet cannot sustain seven billion blue whales."

100% organic cotton.


Medium measures 20" wide x 29" long

Large measures 21" wide x 30" long

X-Large measures 22" wide x 31" long

Measurements are taken in inches and are approximate.
Chest measurements are taken from armpit to armpit.
Length measurements are taken from the top of shoulders to the bottom hemline.

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