Akinyele - Live At The Barbeque - Unreleased Hits, CD

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Production by Large Professor, Doctor Butcher, CJ Moore, Buc Wild, DJ Rob Swift, C-4, and Hot day. With live stage performances from Akinyele and Rob Swift plus two new tracks produced by J-Zone.

Juan Valdez (prod. Dr. Butcher)
Murder (prod. Large Professor)
Rob Swift Make A Little Beat (Interlude)
Ak-nel The Great (prod. J-Zone)
In The World (prod. Large Professor)
Rob Swift Live In NY (Interlude)
Stay Wild (prod. Hot Day)
Yo (prod. Buckwild)
Rob Swift Live In Ohio (Interlude)
Enter (prod. Dr. Butcher)
Freaks (prod. CJ Moore)
Rob Swift Live In Philly (Interlude)
Break A B!#$h Neck Remix (feat. Kool G Rap)
In The Zone (prod. J-Zone)
Rob Swift Live In VA (Interlude)
Fly Away (prod. Dr. Butcher)
Off The Hook (prod. CJ Moore)
Akafella (prod. C4)
Rob Swift Live In DC (Interlude)
Break A B!#$h Neck Original (prod. Large Professor)

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