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Airborn Audio - Good Fortune, LP Vinyl

Airborn Audio - Good Fortune, LP Vinyl

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From the production team that brought you Antipop Consortium, High Priest and M. Sayid are Airborn Audio. On "Good Fortune", M Sayyid and High Priest plunge headlong into competing reference points and clashing styles, mining both high-brow poetic tantrums and ecstatically obtuse jingles what emerges is a sequence of pan-cultural aphorisms that sound something like the happy bastard of Sun Ra, Luc Ferrari era-musique concrete, and Moondog freestyling on an acid-fueled bender.


01 Monday Through Sunday
02 Bright Lights
03 Miami/The Jungle
04 Know Who You Are
05 Inside the Globe
06 Best Shit In the World
07 House of Mirrors
08 This Year
09 Now I Lay Me Down
10 My Eyes
11 Wings
12 Paradise
13 Close Your Eyes
14 NYC
15 Trust Me
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