Agallah - You Already Know, CD

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A highly renowned producer/MC whose production credits include a virtual who's who of hip-hop heavyweights and elite (Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, Remy Ma, Dipset, Purple City, amongst others), Agallah finally unveils his solo debut album, You Already Know. Features appearances by: The Alchemist, Kool G. Rap, Dead Prez & Nappy Roots. Production by Agallah, DJ Premier, & The Alchemist.

Track Listing:
01 Look at You Now (intro)
02 In The Ghetto ft. Ike Eyes and M1 of Dead Prez
03 Hardcore
04 Losing My Mind ft. Carl Anthony
05 Artificial Love ft. Umi & Stic.Man of Dead Prez
06 New York Ryder Music
07 What's Hood?
08 Ride Out (O.G.G.G) ft. The Alchemist
09 Yeah Baby
10 Words from Prodigy of Mobb Deep
11 Built For This ft. Ike Eyes
12 I'm Gettin' Money
13 On the Ave
14 Right Now! ft. Kool G. Rap
15 Club Hoppin'
16 Can You Dig It?
17 Take Me Back
18 Mama (MOM RIP) ft. Big V and Clutch of the Nappy Roots
19 Cry for Help

Track Listing:
01 Get Dumb
02 Everywhere
03 Feel the Velvet
04 3 Minute Classic
05 Daisycutta ft. Kool Keith
06 Eso Ain't Shit
07 Dunks are Live, Dunks are Dead
08 A.O.S.O
09 Cemetery
10 Reggie Lewis is Watching
11 Girls Gone Wild (Then & Now)
12 The Most
13 Take Note
14 Perfect Person
15 Play Dumb

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