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Aesop Rock - Bushwick Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, CD

$ 14.98 USD

Aesop Rock's first foray into scoring a motion picture.  A collection of instrumentals tracks which serve as the musical background for the film, Bushwick.  The tracks feature work from Grimace Foundation.

Track Listing:
1. Corner Store
2. Mashed Potatoes 
3. The Church 1
4. Jaguar 
5. New Yule 
6. The Church 2 
7. Corner Store Reprise 
8. New Yule Reprise 
9. Downstairs 
10. Chesterfield 
11. Raiders 
12. All Fall Down 
13. Riot Riot 
14. Sharks and Minnows 
15. The School 
16. Ogres 
17. Ash 

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