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Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock - Appleseed CD (autographed)

$ 12.00 USD

Limited to 1 copy per person 

Please note: your autograph may not look exactly as pictured.  Aesop signed in several different colored pens in different places (if not on the front cover, please look inside the booklet).


Aesop Rock loves you and spent an afternoon signing cds. 

Out of print for over a decade, Aesop pressed these for tour and is making a limited amount available here.


1. Appleseed Intro

2. Dryspell

3. Same Space (The Tugboat Complex Part 2)

4. Sick Friend (prod/scratches by Omega)

5. Hold The Cup

6. 1,000 Deaths (prod Blockhead)

7. Blue in the Face

8. Odessa (feat Dose One)