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A Plus - My Last Good Deed, CD

A Plus - My Last Good Deed, CD

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Plus handles the majority of the production on My Last Good Deed along with partner AAGGEE (together they form Compound 7), though Jake One, Quincy Tones, and J-Zone provide a beat apiece. While heavily synthesized, the album's 17 tracks maintain an animate air with enough variety to make the LP interesting and enough similarity to provide a sense of cohesiveness. Two of the highlights, "A Beautiful Thing" and "What's Hannin," sound nothing alike, but allow A Plus to show off his skill-set over both soaring synths and slow-motion slump. The dexterous dialogue nestled between tracks also helps the album's flow.


1. Intro: Lyrically Beautiful - (with J Crow)
2. One, The - (with Bless Man)
3. A Plus
4. Beautiful Thing, A - (with Casual)
5. Patna Please
6. Whats Hannin - (with Ty Nitty)
7. My Last Good Deed
8. My Dub Song
9. Nothin Fake / The Ultimate - (with Del The Funky Homosapien/Pep Love)
10. Goodtime Charlie
11. Kiss The Sky - (with Jennifer Johns)
12. Javelin - (with JC/Tynitty)
13. Far Away - (with Sunspot Jonz/Femi)
14. Right Quick - (with Souls Of Mischief)
15. Outro: Unbroken - (with Alena Vance)
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