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7L & Esoteric - Egoclapper, CD

7L & Esoteric - Egoclapper, CD

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Continuing a historic and coveted twelve year career and following up 2006's critically acclaimed "A New Dope", the street-tested, hipster-approved new sound of 7L & Esoteric has evolved again. The electronic fun of their last record, compared to Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" by several publications including HHC, gives way to the hellish tempest of abrasive sounds and untouched samples that defines the newest studio offering Egoclapper. This album profiles MC Esoteric's bizarre, untamed side, and after stunning critics by not only writing but producing the crazier half of "A New Dope" and several tracks off of Jedi Mind Tricks' latest AOTP offering "Ritual of Battle", fans looking for risk-taking art can look in the direction of the newest "MC/Producer" Esoteric and his newly founded Fly Casual Creative label. After touring the world many times over, rocking with everyone from Kanye West to Linkin Park, Esoteric and longtime partner, friend, and graphic designer KARMA decided to launch Fly Casual Creative as the new home of all future music and projects from 7L &  Esoteric. Fly Casual's first official release is Eso's brainchild, "Egoclapper." 16 tracks deep and featuring the glitches, edits, stutters, and vintage cartoon sound bytes that give Esoteric's multi-layered production it's personality, "Egoclapper" raises the bar of creativity in the fiercely competitive post Hip Hop era. Sharp and witty rhymes accompany the busy and thumping production that splatters samples like Jackson Pollock splattered paint... you can tell Esoteric grew up on Rick Rubin, 80s sports, and Public Enemy's Bomb Squad. Check for the guest appearances from DJ Premier's newest rhyme slinger Termanology, AOTP's Celph Titled, Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz and more, as well as the murderous boom-bap of 7L and Raydar Ellis plus timeless production from living legend DJ Mark the 45 King.

Track Listing:

1.    Egoclapper
2.    Watch The Pro
3.    Warlords (feat. Celph Titled / Trademarc / Karma)
4.    Mind On Fire
5.    Tranquilizer
6.    Typhoons In Japan
7.    Street Stigma (feat. Rack Lo)
8.    Incredible Hulk Rap (feat. Termanology)
9.    Ego Empire
10.    Zombie Combat
11.    Really Gly
12.    Boston Garden Rap (feat. Raydar Ellis / Jawn P)
13.    Eso's Father Finds The Chosen One
14.    Frank Miller Tank Killer
15.    First Of A New Breed
16.    Spidey Jail Break
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