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60 Channels - Covert Movements, CD

60 Channels - Covert Movements, CD

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With her unique blend of drum 'n bass, dub, hip hop rhythms and live instrumentation, producer, The Angel brings us a second album of 60 Channels urban electronic soundscapes. "Convert Movements" interwearves her evocative lyrics with her signiature sound. Enlisting vocalists Angie Hart, Navigator, Haren Grant, DJ Collage, Rain Phoenix and Monday Michiru, The Angel has found the ideal messengers to convey the depth of feeling that this record encompasses.


1. Riddim Supastar
2. Black Rush
3. Rush to Dust
4. Beyond the Chemical Domain
5. Once Inna Lifetime
6. Random Signals
7. Still Burnin
8. Counter Evolution
9. Protect Yourself
10. Covert Movements
11. Like Dynamite
12. 2nd Movement
13. Scorched Earth
14. Moving Shadows


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