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2k by Gingham

2K Louie DeVito - Hipster Men's Shirt, Natural

2K Louie DeVito - Hipster Men's Shirt, Natural

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2K Louie DeVito - Hipster Men's Shirt, Natural

100% Cotton

Design by Louie DeVito

2K, a small company whose name was bestowed by Experimental Jetset, is totally anti-mass marketing. 2K is for people who are bored with the market and merchandise that has been controlled by mega mass-marketing brands. We have become determined to introduce the best and most unique artworks and artists to the global youth culture network through t-shirts that we recognize as one of the most informative mediums. Instead of spreading the name 2K, we attempt to gain recognition by the people through our vision of presenting artistic uniquities by artists we have met and become fond of. On the other hand, 2K differs from museum stores that tend to print on "One Size Fits All" kind of garments, leaving labels of mass t-shirt manufacturers. We carefully and seriously research garment's fabrics, cuts, and details to customize our merchandise.

These t-shirts are custom made and run small. We recommend sizing up one t-shirt size.

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