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101 Apparel x Dam Funk - Funk's Revenge Women's Shirt, Black

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101 Apparel x Dam Funk - Funk's Revenge Women's Shirt in Black.
100% Cotton (American Apparel)
Coming straight from Los Angeles, Dam Funk is known as the Boogie Funk Ambassador, an artist who has been working since the mid 80s as a mult-instrumentalist, DJ, record collector, producer and vocalist; this guy is a renaissance man of all things funk. In the last couple years he has been getting an avalanche of press over his modern funk productions with a sound that brims with vintage synthesizers, stuttering handclaps, and low slung grooves that conjures late night drives through the Los Angeles metropolis. This t-shirt is inspired by one of Dam Funks favorite album covers (ZAPP) and includes a limited edition mix CD by Dam Funk himself.