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101 Apparel

101 Apparel - Kon & Amir "Music Is The Message" Men's Shirt, Silver

101 Apparel - Kon & Amir "Music Is The Message" Men's Shirt, Silver

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100% Cotton (American Apparel)

Design brought to you by 101 Apparel. Exclusive Mixed CD "Music is the Message" by Kon & Amir is included with your purchase of this t-shirt.
"We here at 101 Apparel have been following Kon and Amirs record collecting skills since the legendary On Track mix cds that set a new bar in the crate digging community for what a mix cd could be. Now, 101 Apparel is honored to present Music is the Message; a design collaboration inspired by the music and djing prowess of Kon and Amir. Each tshirt will come with an exclusive mix cd by Kon and Amir filled with modern soul, disco and other dance goodies." - 101 Apparel

101 takes inspiration from various genres and cultures, showing influences from classic designers of the 60's & 70's such as Alexander Girard, Milton Glaser and others. Combined with an extensive background in music related design, the outcome shows a unique positive energy, color balance and treatments.

Sizing: Image shows size M = 20" across chest.
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