V/A - Turntables By The Bay, CD

$ 10.00

With twenty tracks including many of the world's best known scratch DJ's, Turntables By The Bay is proof that the San Francisco Bay Area is the epicenter of the current global scratch DJ, "turntablist" movement. This historic collection (1996-2001) compiles over an hour of the best of Bay Area DJs/producers: striking a nice balance between studio recordings and live sessions, the end result being the ultimate collector's guide to the Bay Area's thriving scratch DJ musical movement on one CD.

Included DJs — Songs:
DJ Stoic — "Bay Area Turntable Meltdown (Intro Mix)"
Invisibl Skratch Piklz — "Word Cut Skratch"
Tino Corp vs. Golden Chyld & Fuse-One — "Schizophrenic DJ (Left Hand Doesn't Know
          What The Right Hand is Scratching)"
Raw B feat. Piki Chappell & Luke Sick — "Tattooed Brain (Cello Shots)"
DJ Relm — "Revenge of the Nerd"
Peanut Butter Wolf & DJ Design — "Phonies"
The Groove Robbers feat. DJ Shadow — "Flashback"
89 Skratch Gangstaz — "Cut From Behind"
D-Styles & DJ Flare — "Turntable Circumcision"
Mixmaster Mike — "Battle For The Mind"
DJ Quest — "Quest Represent"
Finger Bangerz — "West Coast Darkside Anthem"
Eddie Def — "Bobbafette (The Last of the Gemini)"
QBert feat. Flare, D-Styles, & Yogafrog — "Invasion of the Octobots"
Live Human feat. DJ Quest — "Subconscious I"
DJ Stoic — "3PM Migraine"
DJ Marz — "City of Fork Yuen"
DJ Flare & homies feat. Kleva Kutz, Wrist Rocket, & C-Loc — "Scratch Party
           (Live in Toadman's Basement)"
Invisibl Skratch Piklz — "Insect Mind Numb"
DJ 8-Ball — "The Poetry of War of the Flies"


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