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Nature Sounds

The Best Of KMD, CD

$ 14.00 USD

MF DOOM presents 21 classic and unreleased tracks from the KMD archives. Featuring Busta Rhymes, Brand Nubian, ad Kurious Jorge.


1. Mr. Hood At Piocalles Jewelry/ Crackpot
2. Who Me
3. Trial N Error
4. Hard Wit No Hoe
5. Mr. Hood Gets A Haircut
6. 808 Man
7. Humrush
8. Peachfuzz
9. Preacher Porkchop
10. Garbage Day
11. What A Nigga Know?
12. Sweet Premium Wine
13. Smokin That Shit
14. Contact Blitz
15. Black Bastards
16. Sounded Like A Roc
17. Plumskinz
18. Popcorn
19. Nitty Gritty (Remix)


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