Swindle Magazine, Issue 11

$ 14.95

This issue is dedicated to the nerds' those among us whose passions are so complete and pure they transcend trends. Our cover boy, the horn-rimmed Matt Leines makes art that speaks to the dorky teenager in all of us; our funky fresh Fly Gemini fashion spread features creative couples in front of candy-colored air brushed backdrops; the gregariously geeky Ian Sattler's "Cinema Calling"? column reviews video games that were made into movies; we take a look at DigiPen, the Harvard of computer gaming schools; and SWINDLE reveals the creativity and zeal that goes into Pro Wrestling Guerilla, California's independent wrestling promotion. Let's embrace our eccentricity and nerd-hood. By daring to stand apart from the crowd, we are the coolest kids of all.

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