Sage Francis - Road Tested 2003-2005, CD

$ 13.00

The quintessential live Sage Francis album, featuring the music, spoken word and manic banter of an abused road dog.
Sage says: The environmentally conscious will not mind that these are non-shrinkwrapped cardboard wallets.

1) Holy Rollin' 2005
2) Runaways (w/ Gruvis Malt, recorded at the Call in Providence, RI 2003)
3) Sign from God (Gimme Fund snippet 2004)
4) Bang Bang Boogie/Climb Trees (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003)
5) Broken Wings (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003)
6) Specialist (with Gruvis Malt 2003)
7) Kiddie Litter spoken word (live in Fort Collins, 2004)
8) Sea Lion at Rock the Bells 2005 (feat Swam Burger and Alexandrah on vocals, Divinci on the beat machine and Tom Inhaler on guitar)
9) Inherited Scars (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003, extra help on bass from Mikal kHill)
10) White Wedding (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003)
11) Makeshift Patriot (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003,extra help on bass from Mikal kHill)
12) Majority Rule (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003)
13) Rewrite/50 Ways (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003, extra help on bass from Arit Harvanko)
14) Crack Pipes/Product Placement (Rock the Bells 05 w/ S.O.S. and Tom Inhaler)
15) Dirty (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003)
16) What's Your Name? (w/ Gruvis Malt 2003)
17) Underbite Ben Finds God (live in Sioux Falls 2004)
18) Cafe Girl/Capaccino (w/ The Gimme Fund 2004)
19) Slum Lord Intermission
20) Next Testament (w/ the Gimme Fund 2004)
21) Bridle Extended (w/ S.O.S. and Tom Inhaler 2005)

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