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Rock Fresh: A film by Danny Lee

Rock Fresh is an electrifying documentary on the world of the graffiti artist. A raw snapshot of artists who literally have their backs against the wall, the film follows five of the world's most legendary street artists as they make the the leap from graffiti art to commercial art. From the street to the gallery. From walls to clothing. From private to worldwide. Our cameras unmask the mystifying process behing graffiti art like never before. Revealing step-by-step how the colors blend, how the angles sharpen, how the shadows emerge. Lifting the veil from a subculture so clandestine, it took 40 years to this close.

The artists take their skills to a variety of surfaces - concrete, canvas, metal, cloth, and brick. And to an array of locations - city rooftops, the desert, downtown lofts, the sewers, even the forest. Rock Fresh als reveals artist painfully coming of age. From kids drawing in their blackbooks, to grown men struggling to make a living off their art. Struggling between codes of the underground and the lure of the mainstream. Journey through the buzzing underground art world - from live graffiti battles and gallery showcases, to underground parties and late night bombing sessions, Hollywood alleyways to Tokyo skyscrapers.

- Never before seen Deleted Scenes of fresh Walls, Blackbooks, and Adventures
- Featuring music by People Under the Stairs, Cloak Okay, Scarub, Omid, J-Boogie, G-Naut, and many more

A film by Danny Lee featuring KOFIE, AXIS, TYER, CLAE, TRIXTER

Total running time: 81 minutes.

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