Rob Swift - Wargames, CD+DVD

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Rob Swift decided to compose music that revolved around some of the events occuring throughout the world today. Hence, WAR GAMES. This album isn't necessarily about his views politically; it's more a social commentary on what I see being reported in the news media day in and day out. Whether it's the terror of 9/11 or the reality of police brutality and poverty, the goal is to spark people's minds.

Track Listing:

01 Intro
02 The Mad Bombers
03 A Terror Wrist feat. DJ Melo D
04 The President is Speaking
05 Terrorism feat. DJ Quest & Bob James
06 America's Past Time
07 Another Friendly Game of Baseball..Xtra Innings feat. The Large Professor
08 41 Bullets
09 Dream feat. Breez Evahflowin
10 Military Scratch feat. Ricci Rucker & Toadstyle
11 A Ghetto Poem feat. Dave McMurray & Anthony Saffery
12 Piano for Condoleezza
13 The Holy Trinity feat. Akinyele & PRints Haze
14 A Nation with a Mission
15 Vietnam?
16 Outro

DVD Features:
. Full length WAR GAMES movie, a visual and graphic jolt to accompany the WAR GAMES tracks.

2. Live performance by Rob Swift, in April 2005, at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC.

3. Rob Swift's appearance in a Gap commercial with DJ Shortkut and Shannyn Sossaman circa Fall 2001.

4. "Ak Ha Ha" music video by Akinyele circa 1993 feat. DJ Rob Swift.

5. John Carluccio's TTM Method - a form of scratch notation invented by John Carluccio (Battle Sounds, Hop Fu) and demonstrated by Rob Swift.

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