Pigeon John - Sings The Blues, CD

Sold Out

Ladies and gents, here it is, the BRAND NEW Pigeon John! 8 hot new songs, 3 new remixes, 2 BONUS songs and the 2 PJ videos "Life Goes On" and "Hello Everybody"! 


1. Upside Down Rotten 
2. Nothing Without You 
3. Perfect Formality 
4. She Cooks Me Oatmeal 
5. Sleeping Giants (feat. Grouch / Eligh) 
6. Matter 101 
7. You Can't Have It! 
8. The Grand Ol' Waltz 
9. Life Goes On (J-Boogie Remix) (feat. Abstract Rude) 
10. Emily (PJ All Day Remix) 
11. Identity Crisis (In Like Flynn Remix) 
12. Rainy Day (feat. RedCloud) 
13. Draw Me

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