People Under the Stairs - Question in the Form of an Answer, CD

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Los Angeles natives, and OM Records recording artists, People Under the Stairs (P.U.T.S.)

"On People Under the Stairs' sophomore album, after 1999's The Next Step, debut producer and MC Thes One promises in the liner notes, "We'll keep making that '93-style hip-hop with that '73-style funk till 2033." Trying to fulfill that guarantee, on Question in the Form of an Answer PUTS digs up obscure funk loops and breaks, staying true to an underground tradition that emphasizes neck-breaking beats and high-caliber lyricism. The formula is transparent at times, perhaps a little too obvious, but it's hard not to like their new-school influence, whether in the form of puff-chested braggadocio ("Yehaw Partystyles") or superfunky spy fantasies ("Suite for Creeper")." --Oliver Wang


1. Intro
2. Crazy Live
3. Youth Explosion
4. Suite For Creeper
5. Sterns To Western
6. Code Check
7. Blowin Wax
8. Give Love A Chance
9. Stoned Youth Truth
10. Yehaw Partystyles
11. Get Drunk
12. 43 Labels I
13. King Kuff
14. E Business
15. Zignaflyinblow
16. July 3rd
17. Stay Home
18. Earth Travelers
19. The Cat
20. Electric Laddy
21. We'll Be There
22. Fredly Advice

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