Onebelo AKA OneManArmy - Project F.E.T.U.S., CD

$ 14.00







Featuring ML, Magestik Legend, and more!

Track Listing:
Lesson #1
Mic Check (feat. Buff)
Dro (feat. Magestik Legend)
Fast Food Remix (feat. ML, Compoze, Illite)
Take It 2 Da Stage (feat. Decompoze)
What Time Is It
Here And Now
Alphabet Soup
One Man's Mission (Virus on the cuts)
The Grinch That...
Sportz Illa (Virus on the cuts)
What It's All About (Remix)
Double Essay (S.S.A.) (Remix)
Freakin Flowz (Remix)
One Man Army (Remix)

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