Mums The Word - Constant Evolution, CD

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The latest full-length project from gifted hip hop producer MUM'S THE WORD. Constant Evolution covers many styles, from straight-up hip hop to electronica to reggae and dancehall, all while maintaining a cohesive groove throughout.
Includes guest vocals from all-stars ABSTRACT RUDE, 3MG (MURS, SCARUB & ELIGH), OH NO, BROTHER ALI, MYKA 9, BUSDRIVER, SENIM SILLA (BINARY STAR), and NATTY ROOTS. Fifteen tracks.

01 Brub Intro
02 Constant Evolution feat. Abstract Rude
03 Follow the Path feat. 3MG
04 Smashing
05 Let Em' Out feat. Oh No
06 Treacherous feat. Brother Ali
07 Physical Form
08 Star Fi De Show feat. Natty Roots
09 They Wanna Rap feat. Bus Driver
10 Stepping Stone
11 The Distance feat. Senim Silla
12 Fantasy World 2
13 The Be retta Factor feat. Myka 9
14 War Dub
15 Steppin' Out with Mr. Banks
16 Let Em' Out feat. Oh No (Baptman Remix)

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