MF Doom - Live From Planet X!, CD

$ 13.98

 If there is one sure shot in hip hop right now it is MF Doom. The story of DOOM is a continuing saga of mysterious men from outer space who exist behind masks. 50 minutes live set of MF Doom flawlessly running thru the classic tunes from his extensive catalog. MF Doom shows are very rare so to capture a complete performance from beginning to end is virtually unheard of. This live recording come directly from the "sound board" to ensure the best possible quality.




01 Change the Beat
02 Name Dropping
03 Greenbacks
04 Go with the Drawls
05 Gas Flows
06 Operation Doomsday
07 Hey!
08 Accordian
09 Great Day
10 Rhymes like Dimes
11 I Hear Voices
12 My Favorite Ladies

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