Lotek Hi-Fi - What You See b/w I Can't Believe, 12" Vinyl

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Available as a limited edition, numbered 12 in screen-printed sleeve a record that could only have come out of the UK from a trio who have never been scared to be different.

Lotek HiFI present the first single from their forthcoming debut full-length, Mixed Blessings. Effortlessly showcasing the stylistic flexibility which means the group can come in any manner of different ways while still being only themselves, the two tracks presented here are the perfect taster for the Mixed Blessings experience.

What You See is an uptempo club track, a bouncing, electronic bashy beat over which Lotek and Aurelius effortlessly spit lyrics that elevate the energy in the music even higher and say something at the same time. Throw in a raw, raw chorus from the golden larynx of Wayne Paul and you have a surefire winner.

But flip the vinyl over for Cant Believe and you begin to understand just how good this group can be. This downtempo slice of cinematic hip hop draws on a tradition including Massive Attack, but makes it entirely the groups own, once again showing how good a producer Lotek is (all the strings were recorded live and, like the rest of the album, the piece is completely sample free) and how well his voice fits into the jigsaw puzzle with Aurelius bassy boom and Wayne Pauls plaintive street-soul-roots-reggae twang.

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