Jedi Mind Tricks - Greatest Features, 2xCD

$ 16.99

Over the past 12+ years, the name Jedi Mind Tricks has become synonymous with raw, gritty underground hip hop. Jedi's signature style has continued to evolve as the group has self-assuredly entered their second decade as undisputed leaders within the independent hip-hop landscape; their unique sound, and the movement that it has spawned, is responsible for the sale of over 300,000 units and no less than the genesis of an entire sub-genre of music. Jedi's tattooed, gritty and enigmatic front man Vinnie Paz has worked with a slew of the underground's best throughout his career. Now, for the first time, all of the tracks that Vinnie Paz has recorded outside of the Jedi Mind Tricks umbrella are collected in one place for the fans' listening pleasure. Featuring 7L & Esoteric, Guilty Simpson, Canibus, Mr. Lif, ILL Bill, Percee P, Apathy, Outerspace, the whole Army of the Pharaohs fam & many more. Jedi Mind Tricks "Greatest Features" is a one of a kind underground compilation.
1. Blitz Inc. (feat. King Syze / Vinnie Paz / Esoteric)
2. Watch Yo Step (feat. Percee P / Vinnie Paz / Guilty Simpson)
3. Silence (feat. Outerspace / Vinnie Paz)
4. Folklore (feat. Mr. Lif / Dumbtron / Vinnie Paz)
5. Walk With Me (feat. Gutta / Vinnie Paz)
6. The Wait Is Over (feat. Doap Nixon / Reef The Lost Cauze / Vinnie Paz)
7. Raw (feat. Randam Luck / Vinnie Paz)
8. The Fusion Centre (feat. Canibus / Vinnie Paz)
9. The Game (feat. Apathy / Vinnie Paz)
10. A Bullet Never Lies (feat. Ill Bill)  
1. Speak Now (feat. Apathy / 7L & Esoteric / Vinnie Paz)
2. Suckaz (feat. Supernatural / Vinnie Paz)
3. The Omen (feat. Block McCloud / Vinnie Paz)
4. The Killing Fields (feat. Outerspace / Vinnie Paz / King Magnetic)
5. And Now (feat. King Syze / Vinnie Paz / Apathy)
6. Brute Force II (feat. Outerspace)
7. Urban Gorillas (feat. Sabac Red / Vinnie Paz / Q-Unique)
8. Liberal Arts (feat. Canibus / Vinnie Paz)
9. This Is War (feat. 7L & Esoteric / Vinnie Paz / Crypt the Warchild (Outerspace) / King Syze / Planetary (Outerspace)) 

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