Infinito 2017 Presents: A Regular Black Dude Movie Pt. 2 (In Touch With Reality) DVD

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A great collection of videos and Timeless moments from the worlds first mixtape emcee and Regular Black Dude known as Marcellous Lovelace or Infinito 2017. On this movie voyage Marcellous takes on the many Travels from the South Side of Chicago, Brooklyn, Memphis and Ohio. This DVD also includes 6 new videos from the classic files of 2017 one of which being brand new from the forth coming album The Soul of Benjamin Banneker in the Age of Aqurius. Just another fresh ride until the next timeless. Special guests include L.I.F.E. Long, Pugslee Atomz, Pumpkinhead, C Rayz Walz, Cosmo Galactus, PNS, Fatnice of 84, Chicago State University Students, Ed O.G., Illogic, DJ Prizm, Thaione Davis, Nacrobats and more. All filming, art, directing and editing by Infinito 2017. Filmed on location in Chicago, Cincinnati, Memphis, Clarksdale (Mississippi), Philadelphia and NYC.

[Packaged in CD Slim Case]

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