Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk, CD + DVD

$ 14.25 $ 18.98


Track Listing:

CD-1 Fat Leezy
CD-2 Fatlip Intro
CD-3 First Heat
CD-4 The Bass Line
CD-5 Today's Your Day (Whachagonedu?)
CD-6 Freestyle
CD-7 Joe's Turkey
CD-8 I Got The Shit
CD-9 Writer's Block
CD-10 M.I.A.
CD-11 The Story Of Us
CD-12 Cook
CD-13 Walkabout
CD-14 All On Fly
CD-15 Lyrical Styles
CD-16 Freaky Pumps
CD-17 He's An Outsider
CD-18 What's Up Fatlip?
CD-19 Dreams

Bonus DVD
DVD-1 What's Up Fatlip? Documentary
Film Director [Directed By] – Spike Jonze
DVD-2 What's Up Fatlip? Video
Film Director [Directed By] – Spike Jonze
DVD-3 Worst Case Scenario Video
Film Director [Directed By] – Benzo Kaller
DVD-4 Here Comes The Lip Video
Film Director [Directed By] – Plates Animation

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