Elusive - Frequenzy Modulation Remixed, CD

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Elusive's, "Frequenzy Modulation Remixed" album featuring Wildchild (Lootpack), Medusa (Project Blowed), Planet Asia, P.E.A.C.E., Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) and more! 13 tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
02. Stay On Guard Remix
(Featuring Planet Asia, scratches by Rhettmatic)
03. The World's Gonna Know My Name Remix
(Featuring Trensetta of Project Blowed)
04. Interlude 1
05. Go Ahead Remix
(Featuring Neb Luv, scratches by Rhettmatic)
06. End of Careers Remix
(Featuring Naptron)
07. Interlude 2
08. Feel You In My Soul Remix
(Featuring Medusa)
09. No Competition Remix
(Featuring Planet Asia)
10. 5 Elements Remix
(Featuring Wildchild)
11. Within An Inch of Your Mix Remix
(Featuring Naptron, Othersize, P.E.A.C.E. and Medusa)
12. You Don't Wanna Joke with Me Remix
(Featuring Trensetta)
13. How You Want It Remix
(Featuring Neb Luv)

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