DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Hard Sell At The Hollywood Bowl, DVD

$ 9.99 $ 35.00

"Freeze" and "Product Placement" were recorded in small clubs, and the DVDs were approached accordingly, getting by with humor and intimacy despite the occasionally bare-bones production values... BUT THIS IS THE BOWL. Sparkling digital sound and massive angle coverage, meticulously edited and presented. Learn the whole behind-the-scenes story of how the show came to be, from the first phone call to late-night stone is left unturned in this, the CROWN JEWEL of the Brainfreeze trilogy. With top-notch production values and packaging designed by Paul Insect, "Hard Sell at the Hollywood Bowl" is the DVD experience you've been waiting for!

-The full live performance, recorded in historic surroundings
-Visuals and camera feed utilizing over a dozen angles
-Exclusive interviews with the principal figures involved
-"Live in Arcata" featurette
-Bonus "behind-the-scenes" interviews and footage
-PLUS a 40-page booklet containing photos by B+ of the event, and an extensive essay by Angus Batey

Comes in a double-packaged DVD case, with an outer sleeve. Inner-packaging is a three-fold, with photos from the Hollywood Bowl show, and a sleeve for the booklet that includes the exclusive essay by Angus Batey.

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