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DJ FOOD - Jazz Brakes Volume 5, CD

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Jazz breaks 5 continued to move to proper song making that DJ Food started on Volume 4. While Volume 1-3 were essentially collections of stripped down breaks for other people to sample, on Volume 4 and 5 they made a turn toward creating tracks that were still very much easily jacked by others, but also stood on their own accord. In the process they basicallypaved the way for what would eventually be coined "trip-hop"

1. Moody Rudy
2. Dark Blood
3. Camel
4. Turtle Soup
5. Consciousness
6. The Dawn
7. Freedom
8. Centre Of The Earth
9. Well Swung
10. Agua
11. Tricky
12. Rubber Band
13. Dub Lion
14. African Rhythms
15. Peace
16. Moody Roadie
17. Sexy Bits

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