Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - My World Premiere, 12" Vinyl

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My World Premiere is the record to start it all for Stones Throw Records. The group began recording in 1989 when the two were teenagers. Within three years of being a group, they signed a contract with Hollywood Basic Records, the Walt Disney owned record label. The group was riding high, receiving lots of press (Billboard, URB, Flavor), radio interviews (Sway & King Tech's Wake Up Show), and live shows (with House of Pain, Nas, Pharcyde, etc.) when in December of 1993, Charizma was tragically killed by gunshot.

Track Listing:
Side A - "My World "
01. Raw
02. Head Nod
03. Instrumental
04. Acapella

Side B- "Methods"
01. Parts 1&2
02. Fresh For '86
03. Top Notch Competitor

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