Cadence - Presents State Lines, CD

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As a group member, solo artist, producer and DJ Cadence has seen hip hop from many angles. Alongside Quite Nyce, Lord Cyrus, OUO and Zimbabwe Legit, Shorty Raw, Pitch, Esoteric, Mike Ladd, Sev Statik, Paradigm, CMNR of Word Association, Eddie Meeks of Prophetix, Binkis, Dooley-O and Jughead, Yesh of Wee Bee Foolish and Mike G of the Jungle Brothers, Cadence presentS State Lines, a collection of new songs which showcases Cadence's beats behind some of the most talented MCs in hip hop.


01. Makin' it sound Like the Intro
02. Yesh and Cadence - Take the Time [Cadence's Choice]
03. Shorty Raw - It's Only Right
04. Dooley-O and Jughead - We Ain't Singin'
05. Raw Produce - Flow Chart
06. Cade - Money on the Cut Pt. 1 [What I Believe]
07. Eddie Meeks of Prophetix - A.T.F. All Time Favorite
08. Lord Cyrus - Beats Rhymes and Life
09. Esoteric and Cadence - Deep Freeze
10. CMNR of Word Association - Perfectionist
11. O.U.O and Zimbabwe Legit - Crash Thru
12. Sev Statik - The Sky is Falling
13. Binkis - Hard
14. Mike G of the Jungle Brothers and Cadence - State Lines
15. Mike Ladd - Gravy
16. Cade - Money on the Cut Pt. 2 [Stages and Studios]
17. Quite Nyce - Patience and Persistence
18. Paradigm - Butterflies
19. Yesh and Cadence - Take the Time [Yesh's Choice]

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