Blue Scholars - Bayani, CD

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Blue Scholars have released one full-length album (Sef-Titled, 2004) and an 8-song EP (The Long March, 2005), selling over 20,000 units on their oun with no label or distributor. They are the leaders of politcally radical hip hop coming out of the Northwest with soulful beats, poetic yet political rhymes and a reputation for breathtaking live performances. They formed in early 2002 where emcee Geologic and DJ/producer Sabzi began to experiment with a unique, new hip-hop sound that still echoed the classic boom-bap of a bygone era. Blue Scholars take the classic form of the emcee/DJ duo perfected by groups such as Gangstarr. Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Eric B. & Rakim while carrying the essence of militant, yet personal struggle shown by hip-hop luminaries such as Public Enemy and KRS-ONE.


1. Baha'i Healing Prayer
2. Second Chapter
3. Opening Salvo
4. North By Northwest
5. Ordinary Guys
6. Still Got Love
7. Bayani
8. Loyalty
9. FIre For the People
10. Xenophobia
11. The Distance
12. Back Home
13. 50 Thousand Deep
14. Morning of America
15. Joe Metro

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