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BiGR x HELLZ - Reference Headphones XL-HB1

BiGR x HELLZ - Reference Headphones XL-HB1

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Artists and producers spend hours fine-tuning and mixing music to get exactly how they want the people to hear it. But the majority of headphones can't reproduce the sound accurately produced by the artist. But simple enough, these reference headphones can. With advanced engineering and precision speaker design, you hear music the way it was meant to be heard the way today's top music and sound developers want you to listen.


Feel the music, not the head phones. Plush ear cushions covered with ultra-soft breathable material keep you cool and comfortable.


Ready for Smart Phones
Headphones come with a cable built-in call answer button and microphone so you can easily stop and start the talk while listening to your favorite sounds.


BiGR Bamboo Box


Each pair of headphones comes packed into a Bamboo box featuring beautiful design that's all natural fiber and rigid construction for enhanced protection for your headphones when storing at home.


BiGR Clean Cloth/Case
Ultra-soft cleaning cloth made from Bamboo cleans and protects the finish of your new headphones.


BiGR Flatwire Headphone Cable


Great sound comes from great cable. The flat wire won't tangle like most of the competitors out there which will help reduce signal loss for balance sound and great clarity.

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Driver Size: 57mm
SPL: 111 3db at 1kHz
Impendence: 32W 10% at 1kHz
Recommended Power: 15-250 mW
Max Power: 1500 mW
Cable Length: 2.0M
Weight (No cable): 274g
Plug: 1/8 inch

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